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If you think about it potatoes don’t really get all that much credit

they’re fucking awesome

this one thing here


can be made into:

different variations of fries







It can be made into chips


or ruffly 


you can make hashbrowns with it



even a salad


add some fuckin cheese to those potatoes


you can have it sliced and diced


or baked


you can make tater tots


hell you can even eat the skin


or just have little potato nuggets


thank u potatoes

potato appreciation post




Giles gets knocked down

last night i accidentally made this piece of garbage and i can’t stop laughing

This is, literally, the greatest video ever made in the history of the world.

NO, you don’t understand, this is perfect. 




Kamala Khan + Positive experiences about her culture/religion

This is so important, in my opinion. Because it’d be very easy for Marvel to have a Muslim character rebelling against a traditionalist culture and just putting it as retrograde or closed off… but instead we see Kamala slowly learning the balance between who she wants to be and what she believes in… and we get to see how her believes have shaped her into the hero she now is.

I’d been sold on this series since Issue 1, but that last sequence there just blew me away. It’d have been so easy for Marvel to have made it “common authority figures BAD”, and instead gave everyone human voices. 

This this this.


clint barton is my favorite avenger because he’s the type of guy to fall down and yell “PARKOUR”


Wonder Woman is my everything.




If you refuse to live a thrifty lifestyle and sacrifice needless luxuries in order to pay for necessities (food, clothes, and shelter), and end up not being able to afford necessities, thats not because the damn minimum wage is too low. It’s because you don’t know how to be wise/humble with your money. $7.25/hour can get you food if you shop at the right place, and housing if you look for the right deals. You don’t need TV, you don’t need a home computer, you don’t need to eat out every night. If you learn to enjoy life on little, then you can live on little.

I realize there are unique situations and everyones different and finding jobs can be hard in and of itself, but as a general rule, most Americans just don’t know how to spend money. They don’t know what a necessity is. Then they demand more money so that they can keep spending money on non-essentials. We want to have our cake and eat it to, and that’s really just not necessary.

i wonder how it feels to be this wrong

okay, but like:


and look, I’ll even do the math for you, since I have tried to live on $7.25/hr. first of all, let’s establish the parameters. we’ll play into your best-case-scenario fantasy. this would be for one, single person, living alone with no children, working full-time, with no significant debt. please be aware that the majority of people earning minimum wage are single mothers with many, many more expenses.

  1. $7.25/hr times 40 hrs/wk = $290/wk
  2. to account for taxes and make my math easier, let’s say $250/wk
  3. $250/wk times 4 weeks = $1,000/month
  4. where I was living at the time, getting a great deal on a studio apartment meant $500/month. be aware that conveniently-located apartments in safe neighborhoods cost much more.
  5. all right, now - bills. let’s assume $100/month for utilities, which is a really low estimate for electricity, heat/AC, and gas, but again, I like my math easy. a phone with internet capabilities is necessary to get and keep a job, especially if you don’t have a computer. prepaid phone plans run about $25-50/month, let’s say $35.
  6. so you’ve paid rent and bills. you have $365 left. let’s talk transportation. a car payment costs a few hundred dollars, but we already established that the person in this situation has no significant debt. that means they’re probably taking the bus. bus passes cost $80-100/month where I’m from. if this person somehow magically has a paid-off car, insurance and gas = $100-250/month. but we’re playing a best-case-scenario game, so let’s pretend that you can walk, bike, or catch a ride to work most days, and use the bus only a few times a week. assuming occasional bus fare/paying a friend for gas - $40.
  7. so we’re at $325, and we need to eat. a person who walks or bikes to work will need to eat at least 2000 calories a day, probably more. again, this is the best-case scenario, so let’s assume that you have access to affordable, bulk staples like rice and beans and that you don’t mind eating bland rice and beans every day and never going out to eat. the cheapest I’ve ever seen someone maintain a healthy diet was about $30/week. budgeting for a few fast-food meals for convenience or a rare trip to Chili’s with some friends, let’s say $150/month for food. we also need non-food necessities, like toilet paper, soap, deodorant, and tampons. $50.
  8. so we’re at $125. and, guess what, we haven’t even talked about healthcare. first of all, health insurance. it’s required by law. insurance premiums vary a lot, so let’s just say $75/month. then, doctor visits. you see, people living in poverty are twice as likely to be depressed. so, that’s a doctor’s visit every month - $40, plus medication - $10 = $125.
  9. we have $left. that’s it. all the necessities taken care of, but just barely, in a best-case scenario so unrealistic it’s practically a fantasy. no room for comfort, no room for convenience, no room for mistakes. no room for emergencies. no room for illness. no room for fun. no room to miss a shift. $7.25/hr is just barely enough to keep one person alive, assuming that person literally does nothing but work and sleep. 

and that brings me to my final point. why don’t the people who work devalued jobs deserve “luxuries” like comfort, convenience, or, god forbid, fun? you can’t date when you have no disposable income, and nobody could have a family living like that. do poor people not deserve love, or family?  no one on minimum wage could afford to pay for college. do we not deserve an education? living like this is living in constant worry. there’s no room for a single mistake, no room for anything to go wrong. do poor people not deserve financial stability? why don’t we deserve to live without the fear of losing our homes hanging over our head? do we not deserve homes?

I’m being serious. I want you to answer these questions. I want you to tell me, directly, that working as a cashier or a waitress or a stocker means that I don’t deserve peace or happiness.


The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.


The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.



“May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to die?”

I’m pretty sure this is why Tumblr gave us photosets.

as a kid when I saw this part I thought he failed but as an adult I know he passed. I love that.

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