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And it’s good to work that way, because if you’re working at alone (as most authors do), it’s easy to grow very myopic very quickly. A good example would be the Jaina-Zekk-Jag love triangle of the LotF series. I kept thinking that Jaina and Zekk ought to end up together, but Aaron and a couple of editors seemed to prefer Jag. So we went back and forth about that in emails and story meetings, and eventually ended up resolving the issues I had — which were that I didn’t want to see Jaina going off to live with Jag somewhere other than the Jedi Temple, because I didn’t want to lose her as a character.

In my view, Jaina is a vital character to the future of the whole EU, and whenever anyone said she should be with Jag, I kept having images of her being ripped from my writing life forever. I guess I was identifying with Han Solo a bit too much there. ‘You’re not going to take my daughter away. She’s going to live here in my Jedi Temple forever.’

But once we worked out a way to bring Jag to her and make him a part of the Jedi Order, I was very happy to see Zekk move on and write Jaina and Jag’s wedding at the end of Apocalypse.

Source: Troy Denning via Lightsaber Rattling

I could make some comparisons to how Denning’s attitude here is akin to an intolerant parent attempting to take away their daughter’s agency to choose who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I could point out that there’s something deeply unsettling about how Denning seems to be exerting a bit of patriarchal influence over Jaina’s character and choices. I could point out the dangers and problems with the monoculture Denning is attempting to build. I could point out that the “compromise” was making Jag give up who he was to be with Jaina.

I’ll just say this is some problematic bantha poodoo right here. 

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